Some thoughts on Bondora

Investing on Bondora pretty much shows me what happens behind the scenes on platforms like Mintos: loans do fail and not in small numbers. On Mintos, these failed loans are hidden by the buyback guarantee that most loan originators offer but of course I do pay for this by receiving lower interest rates compared to Bondora. Nonetheless, I think that from a psychological perspective, investing on platforms like Mintos is much more pleasing as you don’t have to deal with losses (unless of course, a loan originator fails like in the case of Eurocent back in 2017).

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Bondora risk management and profit boost

My Bondora Second Market Strategy

Bondora shows very good transparency and lets you download the entire loan dataset which is fantastic. This dataset includes all loans that have ever been up for investment and is the perfect playground for the number’s nerd.

Yes, statistics are a bit boring so let me do this work for you. What we want to do is to optimize our profits by reducing the risk of investing into loans that will eventually default. The loan dataset gives us the chance to look at the performance of thousands of loans over the past years, so let’s get to it. If you don’t care for the numbers and only want to see the conclusion, just jump to the end of the text.

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Marketplace statistics in February


Mintos keeps growing strongly with loan volumes and number of investors rising steadily. Over the past months there are higher loan volumes coming in than there’s growth of investors. I judge this as a good sign that interest rates will remain stable or might even increase again. If there were too many investors for too few loans, the interest rates would likely drop over time but it ‘s looking pretty good at the moment.

Mintos loan statistics in Feb 2019Mintos loan statistics in Feb 2019
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