Iuvo Review and key facts:

  • all loan originators have a long track record of a profitable business
  • all loans are secured by a buyback guarantee
  • interest rates up to 15%
  • Auto Invest feature available
  • primary and secondary loan market
  • good customer support

updated Sept 30th 2019

The Iuvo-group is yet another crowdlending platform based in Tallin, Estonia. It allows investors to invest into consumer and business loans. The functionality is very similar to Mintos but Iuvo pays more attention to a positive track record of the loan originators they work with. All loan originators have been on the market for many years and run a profitable business. In addition, the loan originators have to keep 30% skin in the game which means they by a 30% share of each loan they issue with their own capital.

Iuvo Review
List of all loan originators on Iuvo. Well known names of big credit companies like EasyCredit can be found here.
Detail information for each loan originator. Iuvo emphasizes that only profitable loan originators are allowed on their platform.

How to get started

As with all other p2p platforms, the identification process is straightforward. After uploading a scan of your ID/passport and a recent proof of residency (like a utilities bill or bank statement), Iuvo will quickly activate your account for investments. Funds can be deposited via SEPA bank transfer free of charge.

How to invest

So, let’s get to the most important part of this Iuvo review. After the funds have been credited to your investor’s account you can get started. Manual investments in the primary and secondary market are of course possible but I guess most people will use the Auto Invest feature. This can be found in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Iuvo Review
Iuvo Auto Invest filter rules. Pretty straightforward to set up. Installment is the payback period of a loan (e.g. each 30 days).

While you are setting your Auto Invest rules, Ivuo will display how many loans are available for these filter rules which is a convenient feature.

For browsing the available loans or for manual investments, similar filters are available for the primary and secondary markets.

Iuvo Review
Iuvo Secondary Market
Iuvo Review
Iuvo Primary Market

All of the loan shares that you own will be listed under the My Investments tab. From here you can also sell your loan shares on the secondary market. All manual buying or selling loans will put these loans into your shopping cart.

The Iuvo shopping cart. All loans that you sell or manually by land here first before you confirm to buy or sell.

Keeping track of your Iuvo investments

When logging into your account, Iuvo will always show you the Dashboard. Here you’ll find a summary of the most important performance values like total portfolio value, return on investment and the status of your loan shares.

Iuvo Review
Iuvo Dashboard: your investment cockpit.

For an overview of all transactions on your Iuvo account which is particularly important for your yearly tax return you can check the Account Statement section.

Get started

For new investors, Iuvo offers a very attractive bonus program: for an investment of 1000€ you will receive a 30€ cashback; for a 2500€ investment you get 90€ cashback. That’s already a 3.6% profit. The only conditions are that you invest within 30 days from your registration and hold the investments for at least 3 months.

If you are interested in this bonus program just send me a brief email to hallo@financiallyindependent.eu with your full name so I can sign you up.


I see Iuvo as an attractive alternative to Mintos and as a good way to diversify my investment portfolio. The focus on profitable loan originators is a strong point of this platform. In addition, it is well suited for less experienced investors since Iuvo offers a very good customer service. Looking at the loan portfolio I think that one can expect an average return on investment of 11%. That’s well in line with similar platforms like Mintos or Grupeer.

As usual, I will update my Iuvo review regularly to reflect any important changes and news.