Some thoughts on Bondora

Investing on Bondora pretty much shows me what happens behind the scenes on platforms like Mintos: loans do fail and not in small numbers. On Mintos, these failed loans are hidden by the buyback guarantee that most loan originators offer but of course I do pay for this by receiving lower interest rates compared to Bondora. Nonetheless, I think that from a psychological perspective, investing on platforms like Mintos is much more pleasing as you don’t have to deal with losses (unless of course, a loan originator fails like in the case of Eurocent back in 2017).

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Envestio: Outlook 2019

Quo vadis Envestio?

The number of unique investment projects on Envestio is a bit limited and at the same time there are more and more registered investors. This results in projects being fully funded within a short time and many investors might miss out. So, I asked Envestio what their plan is to expand to more projects and higher investment volumes in 2019.

Here’s what they answered: 

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Extra revenue boost: cashback campaigns on Mintos

From time to time, some loan originators on Mintos offer cashback campaigns which are also advertised in the Mintos newsletter. For the loan originators this is a way to attract more investors, often particularly for their long term loans which might otherwise not be the top choice for investors due to the long payback period. Namely Lendo and Mogo had a few cashback campaigns back in 2017 and 2018 and offered up to 5% cashback for their longest running loans.

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