How sustainable are p2p investments?

A friend and I recently chatted about p2p investments and about how to invest into something sustainable. By sustainability she meant mostly the ethical and ecological aspirations of sustainable investments. This got me thinking about how sustainable – both as in having long term stability and a positive ethical and/or ecological effect – crowdlending and crowdinvesting can be.

Basically, I think there are three layers of sutainability to be considered.

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Mintos Invest&Access

Mintos Invest&Access

Mintos created a new investment product that will come online on June 10th: Mintos Invest&Access. It caters to investors who don’t want to deal with setting investment strategies or with the p2p loan market in general. In this way, it can be seen as a direct competitor to Bondora’s Go&Grow. It’s not only the name that bears some resemblance….

So, what does Invest&Access do? Instead of reading a lengthy article, just lean back and let me explain in a video:

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New marketplace review: CoinLoan

Check out the newest addition to my investment portfolio: CoinLoan

CoinLoan let’s you create your own loan offers with full control over the loan conditions like interest rate and loan duration. The loans are fully secured by a crypto currency collateral that the borrower has to provide to CoinLoan.

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