Many investors on Bondora who use one of the Portfolio Managers are disappointed by their returns. Usually they use they wrong investment strategy and are too impatient. I made all of these mistakes myself in the beginning. The lessons were learnt and today I present my single most important analysisContinue Reading

kuetzal scam

This is a very short and urgent post. I’d like to issue a warning about Kuetzal since there is the suspicion that a fake project and/or a fake company has been funded! This concerns this Arlbog Petrol project, a company that might not even exist as a report by ExploreP2PContinue Reading

Zopa loan defaults, UK unemployment, FTSE100

Over the past years, investing into p2p and p2b loans has been giving us stable returns north of 10% per year. At the same time we are seeing a tremendous growth of traded loan volumes and many new investment platforms emerge month by month. But how about the performance ofContinue Reading

There is something just as German as bratwurst, sauerkraut and the autobahn (just to name a few clichés): it is the savings account (“sparbuch”). This form of putting money aside has a very long history reaching back to the early 19th century. Still today, basically every child receives a sparbuch from its parents or grand parents. Given the long history and the persistence of this act it can be considered a German tradition. But does the idea behind it really work? Welcome to Savings Account: a German Myth.

CoinLoan Nov 19 featured image

As you might have gathered from my videos or previous articles, CoinLoan is one of my favorite p2p platforms. It is still small but keeps growing continuously and is adding new features step by step. Let’s check out the news from CoinLoan in detail.