p2p loan portfolio

So, the year 2019 ends with yet another successful month for my p2p loan portfolio. All in all, I managed to make a 514€ profit in December. Also, this is a time to look back on the year 2019 as a whole which was extremely profitable for me. See theContinue Reading

Many investors on Bondora who use one of the Portfolio Managers are disappointed by their returns. Usually they use they wrong investment strategy and are too impatient. I made all of these mistakes myself in the beginning. The lessons were learnt and today I present my single most important analysisContinue Reading

CoinLoan Nov 19 featured image

As you might have gathered from my videos or previous articles, CoinLoan is one of my favorite p2p platforms. It is still small but keeps growing continuously and is adding new features step by step. Let’s check out the news from CoinLoan in detail.

p2p loan portfolio

Another month has passed and it’s time to take a look at my portfolio again. Did my money behave well and make more money? Let’s take a look at what happened in my p2p portfolio in October.

p2p loan portfolio

So, in July I finally reached my first financiallyindependent goal of having 500€ of passive income per month. And BOOM went the Champagne :). The numbers stabilized in August north of 500€ underlining the the smooth performance of my p2p loan portfolio in July/August.

Also, I added again a new platform to my p2p investment portfolio. Let’s take a look at the numbers in detail and at how the investment platforms performed: