Is Crowdestor safe?

Looking at the recent scams an Kuetzal and Envestio it is the natural question to ask if other p2p and p2b platforms might als be involved in fraudulent activities. I think that there will be much more scrutiny now from investors, bloggers and hopefully also from the legislative. Given thatContinue Reading

Envestio p2p scam

I hope that everyone who has money in Envestio has by now noticed that their website is down. Before the site was taken down, Envestio claimed to be the victim of a hacker attack. This is to 99.9% a hoax. Since the social media profiles of most Envestio staff membersContinue Reading

kuetzal scam

It becomes more and more obvious that Kuetzal was a complete scam. Many of the loan projects posted on Kuetzal’s website do not seem to be real and it is currently unclear if the funds that were deposited by investors were ever actually used to fund these projects. More andContinue Reading

Envestio featured image

As I briefly mentioned in my last portfolio review there has been and still is quite some talk on the blogs and discussion boards about the new management of Envestio. Many feel that the new owner and COO of the platform are not trustworthy due to their past professional career.Continue Reading

kuetzal scam

This is a very short and urgent post. I’d like to issue a warning about Kuetzal since there is the suspicion that a fake project and/or a fake company has been funded! This concerns this Arlbog Petrol project, a company that might not even exist as a report by ExploreP2PContinue Reading