Mintos Invest&Access: their answer to Bondora Go&Grow

Mintos Invest&Access

Mintos created a new investment product that will come online on June 10th. It caters to investors who don’t want to deal with setting investment strategies or with the p2p loan market in general. In this way, it can be seen as a direct competitor to Bondora’s Go&Grow. It’s not only the name that bears some resemblance….

So, what does Invest&Access do? Instead of reading a lengthy article, just lean back and let me explain in a video:

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Mintos Financial Report 2018

Mintos published their numbers from 2018 which show strong growth in number of investors and invested volume. Such a quick expansion can be risky and takes a lot of capital but Mintos managed to stay profitable in 2018. Great news for us investors.

You can check out the full report here or keep reading to get the most important facts in the Mintos management report (source:

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New bank account details for Envestio

Today, Envestio announced new funding details for transferring funds to your investor account. Don’t forget to update your money transfer orders. All payments made to the old Envestio bank account will be rejected after April 3rd and sent back to your account. You should have gotten the updated bank details by email and you’ll also get them in a popup when you log into Envestio.

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Envestio: Outlook 2019

Quo vadis Envestio?

The number of unique investment projects on Envestio is a bit limited and at the same time there are more and more registered investors. This results in projects being fully funded within a short time and many investors might miss out. So, I asked Envestio what their plan is to expand to more projects and higher investment volumes in 2019.

Here’s what they answered: 

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Marketplace statistics in February


Mintos keeps growing strongly with loan volumes and number of investors rising steadily. Over the past months there are higher loan volumes coming in than there’s growth of investors. I judge this as a good sign that interest rates will remain stable or might even increase again. If there were too many investors for too few loans, the interest rates would likely drop over time but it ‘s looking pretty good at the moment.

Mintos loan statistics in Feb 2019Mintos loan statistics in Feb 2019
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