Many investors on Bondora who use one of the Portfolio Managers are disappointed by their returns. Usually they use they wrong investment strategy and are too impatient. I made all of these mistakes myself in the beginning. The lessons were learnt and today I present my single most important analysisContinue Reading

There is something just as German as bratwurst, sauerkraut and the autobahn (just to name a few clichés): it is the savings account (“sparbuch”). This form of putting money aside has a very long history reaching back to the early 19th century. Still today, basically every child receives a sparbuch from its parents or grand parents. Given the long history and the persistence of this act it can be considered a German tradition. But does the idea behind it really work? Welcome to Savings Account: a German Myth.

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As with most things there is a certain relationship between the effort that we take and the profit that we make. Of course, this is also true for financial matters. So, here are my thoughts about 3 possible investment strategies that can give you a certain revenue based on the effort you’re willing to make.