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Another month has passed and it’s time to take a look at my portfolio again. Did my money behave well and make more money? Let’s take a look at what happened in my p2p portfolio in October.

My overall portfolio performance is still on track and my return on investment in October was 506€. That translates into a yearly revenue of around 14% which is just outstanding.

As usual, you’ll find the detailed numbers for how much and where I invest in the My Investment Portfolio section.

Looking at the individual performance of the various p2p platforms I’m invested with it is nice to see that most of them are running smoothly. Basically, I can split my investments into 2 categories: business loans and consumer loans.

Business loans

My go-to platforms for business loans are still Envestio and Crowdestor. Envestio had a lack of new projects in the past which left a few thousand Euros not invested on my account. However, there are enough new projects being listed again to put my money to work. The Auto Invest feature is performing well and makes these investments very low maintenance.

If you’re interested in business loans, there is basically no way around Crowdestor these days. The platform is listing 3 to 5 new projects per week and shows a very positive development. The average interest rate is around 16% which is also the average for my investments.

As a third platform and as a means of more diversification, I started to invest on Kuetzal. Over time, I will move some money from Envestio and Crowdestor to Kuetzal to balance my platforms better. The investment projects on Kuetzal are mostly in the real estate sector and give returns around 17%.

One investment that is not going so well is a real estate project on Crowdestate. The repayment of the 500€ loan principal is delayed and will only be executed next year. I’m not overly worried since there is real estate for collateral if the loan completely fails. Realistically, this loan will be repaid with low to zero profit. Part of the game.

Consumer loans

Grupeer, iuvo-group, Mintos, CoinLoan and my Bondora Go&Grow account are delivering steady returns.  Sounds kind of boring but – let’s be honest – that’s what we want.

Mintos and CoinLoan are the top performers with 15.7% and 15.4% return on investment, respectively. I’m growing increasingly fond on CoinLoan and this platform will certainly receive more investments in future.

Mintos has had some hick-ups in October with two loan originators struggling: Aforti and Rápido Finance. Both originators had problems with their repayments to the investors. Rápido Finance has been removed from the Mintos marketplace whereas new investments with Aforti had been temporarily blocked.

This shows again that it is worthwhile to select the loan originators more carefully. Both Mintos and the individual investors like you and me need to do that. I keep using the Mintos loan scanner on ExploreP2P to the select loan originators for my Auto Invest rules. How I do that is described in this Article.

Let’s hope that this is just a minor bump in the road for Mintos. All in all, the platform is performing extremely well and in terms of diversification, service and profit, Mintos is still the best p2p platform for new investors and experienced investors alike.


So, my p2p portfolio in October has seen another good month with stable profits and no losses. Over the next months, I will start to re-balance my portfolio and shift some funds to CoinLoan and Kuetzal.

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