Mintos this September: what is happening?

Most people who are invested with Mintos will have noticed by now that the primary market is basically empty and that interest rates have dropped significantly. So, you might have asked yourself: what is happening at Mintos this September?

Let’s take a look at the primary market. The screen shot below was taken on Sept 19th. The number of available loans is down to about 48,000 and the interest rates max out at 12% for EUR loans. Just three weeks ago we were still looking at more than 250,000 available loans and interest rates as high as 16% for EUR loans.

Mintos primary market Sept
Mintos primary market on Sept 19th 2019.

Available loan volumes and numbers

Clearly, loans with attractive interest rates are being bought up completely. In addition, there seem to be less loans issued in September, both in terms of total loan volume and numbers. The graph below shows the development of the Mintos loan market since January 2017. While the loan market had been growing strongly and steadily in the past months we are now headed towards a possible 28% drop in loan numbers at Mintos this September.

Loan volumes and loan numbers on Mintos
Loan volumes and loan numbers at Mintos. The asterisks show the extrapolated numbers for September 2019. A drop of 28% in loan numbers and volume seems likely.

Interest rate distribution

Let’s also take a look at the interest distribution of EUR loans on Mintos over the past two years. The graph below clearly shows that we are coming out out of an exceptionally high interest rate period which lasted from May through July. Something similar but to a lesser extent had already happened back in early 2018. Such a wave-like progression of high and low interest period can be quite normal in an “open” market which is governed by supply and demand.

distribution of interest rate on Mintos
Distribution of EUR loan interest rates on Mintos; Jan 2017 – Sept 2019.

So far, September brought us a loan portfolio with almost all loans at 12% and lower interest rates. If a similar dynamic as in the year before is at work, such a low interest phase could last a couple of month. Maybe the nearing Christmas season will bring interest rates back up again.

The key question is of course: why is this happening?

There can be various reasons. The number of investors has been growing at a rate of 7% to 9% per month within 2019 which is an extreme growth. At the same time, Mintos did manage to increase the loan volumes even more but the invested amount per investor is also increasing steadily.

The loan market might not be able to grow at the same rate. Then, the loan originators will not be able to issue enough loans to absorb all the money that is pouring in. A natural result will be that the interest rates go down.

Another possible reason for the low interest rates could be Invest&Access. This investment tool reached high popularity very quickly and the invest amount per investor is roughly at a staggering 4000 EUR. Since Invest&Access is also investing into loans with relatively low interest rates the loan originators might not see any reason any more to issue high interest loans.

Mintos Invest & Access Overview - Infographic
Mintos Invest & Access Overview – Infographic. Source:

This would be a quite unfortunate situation for us investors but in the end also for Mintos. If these low interest rates persist, investors will sooner or later turn away from Mintos and invest their funds somewhere else. Let’s what will happen at Mintos this September.

Alternatives to Mintos

For those of you who are just getting started with Mintos (and for those who are considering to leave Mintos) there are several other platforms to choose from. They also offer a Buyback Guarantee, an AutoInvest function and attractive returns on investment.

Option 1 would be Grupeer which offers interest rates up to 14%. Check out my review here.

Option 2 is the iuvo-group. This platform offers a user interface very similar to Mintos and only allows stable loan originators that run a profitable business. Interest rates are as high as 15%. There’s also a very attractive bonus program which pays new investors an immediate bonus of 90 EUR for a 2500 EUR investment (3.6%).

If you are interested, send me an email at so I can sign you up for the bonus program.

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