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So, in July I finally reached my first financiallyindependent goal of having 500€ of passive income per month. And BOOM went the Champagne :). The numbers stabilized in August north of 500€ underlining the the smooth performance of my p2p loan portfolio in July/August.

Also, I added again a new platform to my p2p investment portfolio. Let’s take a look at the numbers in detail and at how the investment platforms performed:

As usual, you can find the detailed numbers for each investment platform here.

For my German readers there’s a video in which I summarize the past two months:

What else is new?

Portfolio Newbie: iuvo-goup

A friend of mine had already been investing through ivuo-group for a while. He has a very positive impression of the performance and professionality of this platform and suggested that I add it to my p2p loan portfolio as an alternative to Mintos. And so I did.

I’ll write a more extensive review of my first steps with ivuo-group soon but can already say that it works very similar to Mintos. Investments into single loans is done through loan originators which also offer a 100% buyback guarantee.

What I like very muchg is that iuvo-group only works with loan originators that have a long standing positive track record. In other words, they run a profitable business for many years. For example, the well known company EasyCredit cooperates with iuvo-group to make loans available to p2p investors.

Expected return on investment is about 12% which is well in line with most other p2p platforms.

Last not least, there’s a pretty attractive bonus program for new investors: 30€ bonus on a 1000€ investment or 90€ bonus on 2500€ investment. If you are interested just send me a short email to hallo-at-financiallyindependent.eu and I’ll sign you up.


My investments are running smoothly as always but the period of high interest rates on Mintos seems to have ended. While loans with up to 16% interest were available in June the max. interest rate has now dropped to 13%. You might need to adjust your AutoInvest settings accordingly.

I think this is nothing to worry about. Mintos is a “free” market place for loans and the interest rates that the loan originators aoffer will depend on supply and demand.

Envestio and Crowdestor

I am getting close to a 17% return on invest on these platforms which is just outstanding. No delayed loans, no issues at all so far.

Crowdestor shows a lot of activity now with many new projects available for investors. Envestio is still hanging back somewhat with very few projects. On the upside, the AutoInvest is working perfectly and got me invested into every new project.

Particularly on Envestion, many of my investment projects are coming to an end and the full repayment of the loans has been working smoothly. But this also means that there is a lot of money being freed up which needs to be re-invested.

All in all, I’m super happy with my business loans investments!


This platform is winning my heart more and more! I was able to successfully place another loan offer with 16% interest. The crypto market is booming again which should make these crypto-backed loans more and more attractive. Obviously, borrowers are willing to pay high interest rates for a loan and rather keep their crypto currency. The risk is essentially on the borrower’s side so I’ll certainly invest more funds on Coinloan in the future.


I’m directing the cashflow that comes from my active and defaulted loans on Bondora to my Go&Grow account. To me, this is the best option right now since Go&Grow offers high liquidity, very low risk and still a decent return on investment.


Grupeer is boring. In a good way. No trouble, no stuck AutoInvest, just stable returns of around 13% month by month. It’s like the quiet student sitting in the back of the class room, writing excellent grades.

So, long story short, my p2p loan portfolio in July/August produces more than 500€ monthly income. Now starts the long way (hopefully not too long) to 1000€ monthly passive income!

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