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So, this month I almost reached my first financiallyindependent goal of having 500€ of passive income per month. Actually, it was only 498.52€…..so, the Champagne will have to wait until next month. In any case, I’m very happy with the overall performance of my p2p loan portfolio in June. The monthly revenue has increased by about 18% from May!

As usual, you can find the detailed numbers for each investment platform here.

For my German readers there’s a video in which I summarize the past month:

What else is new?

Sustainable investment projects

The biggest change in my p2p loan portfolio in June comes from 2 newcomers. I started to put some of my money into building a portfolio with sustainable investment projects. These will mainly be located in teh developing world where the installation of solar panels brings affordable electricity to communities in Africa and South America. The investment horizon is about 5 years and investors can expect 5 to 6 percent return on investment.

This is made possible by platforms like bettervest and ecoligo which also provide a bunch of information on their websites so you know where your money is going. If you are interested in these sustainable investments projects you can register an account with the links below and receive a nice welcome bonus.

Ecoligo – get 1% cashback on you first investment and a 25€ bonus with the voucher code NEU25

bettervest – get a 25€ newcomer bonus with the voucher code EE97837DC0


My investments are running smoothly as always but Mintos seems to have quite a bit of server problems. Maybe their new Invest&Access feature creates too much traffic. In any case, many people habe issues with the Auto Invest not investing and other features of the website not working as they are supposed to. So, if you’re having such issues you’re not alone. Let’s hope Mintos will get around to fix it soon.

Interest rates on Mintos keep increasing and e.g. Mogo is now offering car loans with up to 16% interest! At the same time, more and more loan originators stop to pay interest for delayed loans so you better check your Auto Invest strategy in detail.

Envestio and Crowdestor

I am getting close to a 17% return on invest on these platforms which is just outstanding. No delayed loans, no issues at all so far. Both marketplaces had basically no new investment projects to offer in June…maybe a temporary summer break. Envestio informed me that they are very close to signing a big partnership which will result in over 10 million Euros worth of new investment projects. Stay tuned for more!


This platform is winning my heart more and more! I was able to successfully place another loan offer with 16% interest. The crypto market is booming again which should make these crypto-backed loans more and more attractive. Obviously, borrowers are willing to pay high interest rates for a loan and rather keep their crypto currency. The risk is essentially on the borrower’s side so I’ll certainly invest more funds on Coinloan in the future.


I’m directing the cashflow that comes from my active and defaulted loans on Bondora to my Go&Grow account. To me, this is the best option right now since Go&Grow offers high liquidity, very low risk and still a decent return on investment.

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