My investment portfolio in May

The month of May is almost over and finally brought sun and warmth to Germany and an enjoyable profit to my portfolio. The extensive shuffling of investment platforms and reallocation of my cash brought the expected result: my monthly profit climbed by almost 23% to a new high of 426 EUR.

Envestio and Crowdestor

Generally speaking, I moved a lot of funds from Mintos to Envestio and Crowdestor since I want to invest more into business loans which give me an average of 17% return on investment. Besides the 2800 EUR of newly invested money in May, these business loans are responsible for the bump in monthly revenue.


Also, there have been some changes at Mintos. The average interest rate has increased by 2% and is now around 13%. This is partly due to a few new loan originators that offer high interest rates. In addition, one of the major loan originators on Mintos, Mogo, is finally increasing the interest rates again after a substantial drop in 2018.


The regular investment into loans on Bondora however is performing quite poorly due to an increasing number of failed loans. I decided to sell off as much as I can and to only use Go&Grow from now on. If you want to get a decent return of investment on Bondora, you’d have to stay invested for at least 7 or 8 years and that’s just too long for my taste. Go&Grow gives me high liquidity and 6.75% profit which sounds like teh better deal to me right now.


Grupeer is performing as expected. I only bought loans with 13% interest rate and that’s basically exactly what I’m getting. No surprises there.


The return on Crowdestate is still negligible but since most of my investments there come with a one time bullet repayment that was to be expected.


Last but not least, I added another platform to my portfolio which I want to explore further in the next months. With crypto currencies and p2p credits, the crowdlending marketplace CoinLoan combines two of the biggest hypes of the past years. You can issue your own loan offers with full control over loan duration, interest rate and so on. The loans are over-collateralized by crypto currency which the borrower needs to pledge to CoinLoan. A pretty interesting concept – let’s see how this plays out in the next months. The average interest rate of my loans there is 14.5%.

As usual, you can check out the details of my portfolio here.

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