Profit versus Effort: 3 investment strategies

Many people are quite hesitant or even annoyed when it comes to thinking about what to do with their savings. I get it: most of us already spend a lot of time in our respective jobs to earn money. As a consequence, we are not really willing to spend even more time to consider what to do with that money. Gathering information about investment opportunities takes a lot of time and numbers are boring anyway.

I suppose this is why blogs like this one exist. To provide condensed information, to show how the investments work and, most importantly, that they return a profit.

In the spirit of passive income the time spent for making investments should be minimized. The money that we spent so much time on earning is supposed to work for us with minimal effort from our side.

As with most things there is a certain relationship between the effort that we take and the profit that we make. Of course, this is also true for financial matters. So, here are my thoughts about 3 possible investment strategies that can give you a certain revenue based on the effort you’re willing to make.

Bondora Go&Grow : 30 min effort – 6.75% profit

Go&Grow is Bondora’s instant access savings account type investment offer. You can deposit and withdraw money at any time and receive 6.75% per year return on your investments. All it takes is to open an account on Bondora’s website, verify yourself with your ID and to deposit your funds. Select the Go&Grow option in the left sidebar of your investor’s account, allocate your deposited funds to Go&Grow and off you go.

All in all, this will take about 30 minutes of your time and gives you about six times the interest rate that any conventional bank is currently offering.

Registering your account through this link will give you 5€ starting capital on Bondora.

Mintos custom auto invest: 45 min effort – around 12% profit

Mintos is offering some default Auto Invest strategies but I found that setting my own custom strategy results in higher returns. Also, I can select the loan originators that I prefer (read more here about how I select these loan originators).

It takes about 30 minutes in total to register on Mintos, to verify the account and to make the first deposit. Then, another 15 minutes need to be spent for setting up the Auto Invest strategy (more information about how to do this can be found in my Mintos Review).

The following settings have been working very well for me so far and return a profit of around 12%:

  • interest rates from 11% to 20%
  • loan duration from 0 to 24 months
  • loan amount from EUR 10 to 50
  • Re-invest: yes
  • only loans with Buyback Guarantee
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After setting up and activating such an Auto Invest strategy it will do its job and starts to invest and re-invest my funds until I tell it to stop.

If you register as a new investor through this link, Mintos will pay you a 1% cashback on the money you invest in the first 90 days after registration.

Envestio and Crowdestor: regular activity – around 17% profit

Envestio and Crowdestor both offer the opportunity to invest into industrial and real estate development projects. Setting up an investor’s account and making the first deposit takes about the usual 30 minutes for each platform.

These larger scale investment projects have typical interest rates between 16% and 19% per year. However, there is no auto invest function available yet on Envestio and Crowdestor. When a new project opens up for investing, the registered investors are informed by email and need to log into their accounts to make the respective investment. So, some small but regular activity is required (there will be about one to two new investment projects per week).

If you register as a new investor on Envestion through this link, Envestio will pay you a 0.5% cashback on the money you invest in the first 9 months after registration.

Crowdestor doesn’t offer a bonus program for new investors at this point but if you’d like to support this blog you can register your account on Crowdestor through this link.

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