My investment portfolio in April

April is already over and this month brought quite some changes to my portfolio. I’m still in the process of moving funds from Mintos to other marketplaces, mostly to Envestio and Crowdestor.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

The reallocation of a significant part of my investments to Crowdestor and Envestio is an ongoing process and is starting to pay off. Also, I am getting my first return on investment from Grupeer and Crowdestate. Bondora however is stagnating due to an increasing number of failed loans and I will probably withdraw my funds as much as possible in the next months. I think this money is better invested elsewhere.

Due to this reallocation of my investments, my profit in April climbed to 347 EUR. For the next month I now expect a return closer to 400 EUR since many of the new loans on Envestio and Crowdestor will have their first repayments only in May.

Here are the detailed numbers for all marketplaces:

balanceprofit/monthall time profitXIRR
Mintos 13,102160.373,415.4815.9%
ecoligo200 0.00 0.00 0%
bettervest100 0.00 0.00 0%
total41,040 €506.55 €5173.86 €

all time investments April 19
My all time investments in April 2019.
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    1. Hi George,

      no, not yet. But I’ll sure give it a look. Looks a bit similar to CoinLoan at first glance. Just the “100% Risk Free” they offer is a bit….well….unrealistic? Are you invested there? cheers, Marian

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