My investment portfolio in March

So, March is about to be over. Spring is in the air and the sun is shining in Germany. Time to get back on my road bike…. I was insane enough to register for a bike race in May and there’s still a lot of training to be done.

But first, let’s take a look at my investment portfolio in March:

Last month brought a lot of changes to my portfolio. I moved a lot of funds from my Mintos and Bondora accounts to spread them over more marketplaces. Crowdestor and Envestio received the major share because I want to include more commercial loans in my portfolio. I also invested some money on Crowdestate and Grupeer to see how things are going there.

Due to this reallocation of my investments, my profit in March decreased a bit compared to February and went down from about 345 EUR to 312 EUR. That’s fine with me since from April onward I expect a return on investment close to 400 EUR due to the now much higher average interest rate of my portfolio.

Here are the detailed numbers for all marketplaces:

marketplacebalanceprofit/monthall time profitXIRR
Mintos 16,470.66244.992,785.6215.6%
Bondora 1,986.838.50746.5517.0%
Envestio 6,629.5657.3057.3013.3%
total31,188.55 €312.29 €3,590.97 €

My Portfolio Structure in March 2019
My Portfolio Structure in March 2019

all time investments March 19
My all time p2p investments in March 2019

Get even more details here: My Portfolio

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