Quo vadis Envestio?

The number of unique investment projects on Envestio is a bit limited and at the same time there are more and more registered investors. This results in projects being fully funded within a short time and many investors might miss out. So, I asked Envestio what their plan is to expand to more projects and higher investment volumes in 2019.

Here’s what they answered: 

Envestio is planning to gradually increase the investment volume from the current average of 1-2M Euros per months. As their investors’ numbers keep climbing they are now in the position to fund bigger project tiers more quickly and to cooperate with new and potentially bigger partners that are interested in receiving funding from Envestio.

There are many new projects in the pipeline but there will also be new tiers of existing factoring projects which are smaller in volume and will probably be fully funded very quickly. These tiers are often from smaller companies that supported Envestio from the start and have an established credit line.

In addition, Envestio plans to introduce one to two completely new borrowers each month which will give higher diversification of our investment portfolios. The first target for the average investment volume per month is 2 million Euros – at the current investor count of 4500 this leaves about 450 Euros per investor.

Overall, this is great news and I expect a very good performance of my investments in 2019 on Envestio.

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  1. That’s very good for all Envestio investors. And it might result in some additional time for us to be able to transfer funds from our bank accounts instead of having uninvested cash into our Envestio accounts.

    1. Author

      Hi Peter,

      yes, that’s exactly the point. So far I’m quite OK with keeping some liquidity on my account to invest quickly into new projects but I can see how this might not be so attractive to everyone. I really like this marketplace how quickly the Envestio team responds to concerns and questions and I hope they’ll keep growing.

      I’ll keep adding more information and more marketplaces here on my blog. If you like you can subscribe and get a notification about new posts.



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