Marketplace statistics in February


Mintos keeps growing strongly with loan volumes and number of investors rising steadily. Over the past months there are higher loan volumes coming in than there’s growth of investors. I judge this as a good sign that interest rates will remain stable or might even increase again. If there were too many investors for too few loans, the interest rates would likely drop over time but it ‘s looking pretty good at the moment.

Mintos loan statistics in Feb 2019Mintos loan statistics in Feb 2019



The overall situation on Bondora is similar. The volume of loans has been rising strongly for a while now whereas the number of investors climbed at a slower pace. In January 2019 we can see a big jump in the investor count which I think is due to the increasing success of Bondora’s Go&Grow accounts. Let’s see how this will continue.

Bondora statistics in Feb 2019
Bondora statistics in Feb 2019


The fluctuation of available investments on Envestio remains high and I just started to monitor how the number of registered investors is rising. You’ll have to be quick to place your funds when a new project comes online. Most projects become fully funded within hours so you better have liquidity on your account to invest as soon as you’re informed about a new project via email.

Envestio statistics in Feb 2019
Envestio statistics in Feb 2019
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