My p2p loan portfolio in July/August

So, in July I finally reached my first financiallyindependent goal of having 500€ of passive income per month. And BOOM went the Champagne :). The numbers stabilized in August north of 500€ underlining the the smooth performance of my p2p loan portfolio in July/August.

Also, I added again a new platform to my p2p investment portfolio. Let’s take a look at the numbers in detail and at how the investment platforms performed:

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Envestio Auto Invest feature is online

Envestio is finally adding a feature to improve their platform usability and to facilitate successful investments for all their investors: Auto Invest.

Auto Invest is basically a standard feature on most p2p investment platforms but has been missing on Envestio so far. Investors had to log in every time a new investment project started and had to invest manually. Since the projects are often filled within an hour or so, many investors missed out. This situation will hopefully improve now.

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